Fun With a Friend
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Fun With a Friend

Jackie was excited.

Stuart had agreed to go and see Hairspray with her, but rather than go to Cineworld in Glasgow,

he suggested they go to the Vue cinema in Hamilton as he had an appointment in Hamilton that afternoon.

Jackie readily agreed as she just wanted to see the film. She had saw several stage productions of the musical and had a copy of the original film with Ricki Lake as Tracey Turnblad.

In all, she was a Hairspray junkie.

They got there for the first screening on the Monday morning after it opened and were surprised to be the first ones in the screen.

Settling down to watch the previews and adverts at the start of the film, they thought others would soon begin to fill the room.

They were mildly surprised to find they were still the only ones in the room when the film started.

Taking advantage of the situation,

Jackie dragged Stuart out of his seat the minute Tracey began to sing Good Morning Baltimore and the pair began dancing amongst the seats and right down the front at the screen.

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