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A fan work by orphan_account adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Full Names and Titles

They slowly pulled back from the embrace and Bob lifted a hand to Harry’s face and let it hover over his mouth for a few scant seconds…and then gently pressed his fingers to Harry’s lips.

Harry closed his eyes at the sweet sensation and Bob’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment as well, taking in the moment, savoring it.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to be so demonstrative with Harry after having years of not being able to.

Bob’s eyes flew open when he felt Harry grasp his wrist, pull his hand away, and then place his lips on Bob’s.

He wasn’t sure at first how to react, but at the feel of the man’s lips on his own, he quickly succumbed to the feelings and returned the kiss wholeheartedly.

It was their first kiss, and it was pure electricity.  Ironic, considering the two of them, but so very true.

As Harry dragged his lips against Bob’s, Bob felt a certain part of his anatomy take immediate interest and he had to withhold the impulse to thrust his hips against Harry’s.

Instead, he settled himself with being bold in a different manner and ran his tongue along Harry’s lower lip, urging him to open up to him, and was thrilled when Harry responded.

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