Full Motivation
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A short story by blowinduck posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Full Motivation

James moves his gaze throughout the little café.

Wednesdays were generally lazy days, more so during the afternoon with the movement of costumers at its minimum by the joint cause of the hour plus the day of the week.

James always cursed his luck for having this day assigned in his working schedule.

He hates the unnerving stillness that overtakes the café, leaving him with nothing to do which is never a good thing.

Usually he reaches the point where he gets so desperately bored that he could do

to entertain himself and any distraction, in whichever form it could present itself, would always be blessedly welcomed.

His roaming eyes stop when they meet a pair of very blue eyes staring at him intently across the café.

The sharp gaze doesn’t falter as any would have when being caught staring; when it does change targets, it’s to direct its focus to a paper sheet on the table.

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