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written piece by rosa52 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Full Circle

It seemed impossible, when he thought back on it, that as the Bartlet Administration’s Communications Director, he hadn’t been able to come up with a better retort than, “Am not!

” Granted, Will reasoned, staring into his Scotch, the entire job of being Communications Director was basically just screaming “Am not!” at regular intervals.

But he was also a speechwriter, for Christ’s sake. He’d made a career out of figuring out how to say what had to be said, but apparently, when it really mattered, his words deserted him.

He’d just stood there, wordless,

struck dumb by the raw exhilaration of Kate admitting that she wanted to see where their relationship was going and – he’d admit it – the allure of his own Congressional campaign.

And then Kate had given him one of those looks she got when she was seeing the whole picture on a really

plan, and she told him he was moving to Oregon. More specifically, he was moving to Oregon and she wasn’t. Kate had decided, and he hadn’t said a damn word.

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