Frozen in Time
Frozen in Time elsa/kristoff (disney) stories

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A short story by miaka adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Frozen in Time

Chapter One

Anna felt her feet and legs again before she could even see anything. They tingled and burned the way they did as a child when she'd sit by the castle fireplaces after playing out in the snow.

Funny, she couldn't remember much about those days. She remembered throwing snowballs with Elsa. Oh! Of course, there was ice skating in the Great Hall.

She thought.

Then, one last tingling sensation swept up Anna's neck and chin. Elsa's sobs were the first sound Anna heard again before she realized she could move. Elsa looked up at her, wonderstruck.

"Anna!" she exclaimed. The sisters hugged.

"Oh, Elsa..." Anna almost cried with relief.

Suddenly Elsa pulled away, awash with a look of pride and shock as she said, "You sacrificed yourself for me?"

"I love you." Anna had meant to be reassuring but Elsa still looked on the verge of tears. Olaf's gasp suddenly drew the attention of both.

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