Frosty Throne
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A work by roguewitch posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Frosty Throne

Frosty Throne

Chapter 1: Packing for Asgard

Darcy's first clue that something was up, was the fact that Jane wasn't working when the younger woman arrived loaded down with coffee, half an hour late to work.

Her second clue came when Jane didn't drink her double mocha cappuccino with a triple shot of caramel,

she just looked at it for a full five minutes before leaving it on her desk and recalibrating her spectrometer with a hammer.

Darcy winced as the hammer clanged against the metal casing, her hands folded around her plain black coffee, watching her boss over the brim of the cup.

“Jane,” she blew over the top of her paper to-go cup, watching as the older woman took out her frustrations on the brand new Stark Industries spectrometer.

Darcy was pretty sure the steel casing could withstand Jane's violent barrage, but she knew nothing about if the delicate inner workings would survive. “Something bothering you?”

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