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From the Gods

“This isn’t where I came from. Where I came from wasn’t a basement. There were more humans.” The other girl spoke in the same voice, but the words were wrong, the tone was off. It wasn’t hers.

Willow wrung her hands together, contemplating the mirror image of herself on the other side of the bars. Well, not mirror image. She wouldn’t show up in a mirror.

Maybe the spitting image? Gross. There had been enough spit with all the neck-licking. Maybe the evil twin? But they weren’t sisters. They were the same person.

“You’re staring at me.” The mirror-image frowned.

Willow jumped at the interruption. Right! Important things.

“I — I know we said we’d send you back to where you came from.” She walked toward the bars cutting through the middle of the room, stopping face-to-face with the vampire version of herself.

“But I can’t do that! Buffy was right. That would have been bad. You would have been back in the world, and then you’d do the biting thing, and the killing thing, and the evil.

And I can’t let you do that!”

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