From the Eyes of Innocence
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A fan work by taybartlett9000 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

From the Eyes of Innocence

From the eyes of innocence. .

By Tay Bartlett.

“Do they know that we come in peace?”

Tehr sat on the bridge of the bugger starship, eyes gazing out of the starboard viewing port, watching as the stars rushed past her.  The shimmering balls  of fire were home to her.

They were her lifeline, her ticket to the freedom that she yearned for, being the only bugger queen with any sense of self.

Tehr belonged in the stars, seeing many worlds and analysing many verieties of alien life,  and now she was journeying further than she ever had  prier to this mission,

journeying to the human’s home world. Yet they were not far from their own home.

If she concentrated her energy, Tehr could still hear and feel the voices and minds of the other Buggers back home, meaning that they were not far.

Tehr hadn’t seen the little blue green planet before, but doubted they would get that far.

She had seen many pictures of it, from the left over footage from the  war eighty years before, the war that had resulted in a mass slaughter on the part of the ruthless  Mazer Rackham.

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