From the Ashes, Life Arose
From the Ashes, Life Arose nathaniel taylor stories

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From the Ashes, Life Arose

The air was stale and filled with the smell of alcohol and gunpowder. It was almost unrecognizable from the colony Taylor had remembered.

The one he and his inner circle had built, the one he had lost many to for the sake of it surviving.

It seemed that wasn't enough, he now had lost the last of his original group.

Lieutenant Alicia Washington had been his oldest friend, his confidante. She'd been there for him before Terra Nova and Somalia. She had known his wife, even babysat Lucas.

And Lucas, the same little boy who had called her 'Auntie Aly' had killed her. His own son, her pseudo nephew/son killed her, and with her, the last of his family.

The idea tore him apart.

"Commander Taylor? I think you need to see this."

Taylor looked up at the sound of the Doc's voice; she was hovering at his shoulder looking concerned.

"Doc? Why aren't you with your family?" He asked, his voice coming out gruffer than he'd intended.

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