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From the Ashes

After clashing and fighting for nearly a full day Madara knew the battle was finally ending, and not in his favor.

Hashirama was tired, too, but the other man's training in senjutsu and Mito's interference had given him the edge he needed to win—again, Hashirama would win as infuriatingly always.

He had long since lost control over Kurama—now being sealed into the Uzumaki princess—and now was only fighting to do as much damage in his last moments as he could manage.

Even that would not be as much as he wanted, but he was used to not getting what he wanted. (

his mind wailed, but that was weakness and he couldn't afford to let anyone see him weak.) He gritted his teeth and lunged forward again.

Trees grew around him. They came at him from every angle almost faster than his exhausted and injured reflexes could react.

It was only kamui that kept him from being trapped, but as he threw himself desperately away without a specific destination in mind Mito was in the final stages of sealing Kurama into herself.

The demonic chakra resonated strangely with the undirected jutsu and he barely had enough time to realize something was wrong before he was dragged painfully into the dark.

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