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Basic Lore

Unlike their real world counterparts, they are respected and revered and some are assigned as guardians of temples or entire cities similar to Japan’s fox spirits.

The current leader of the royal family is known as “The Lord Guardian of Seoul” and is passed down from generation to generation.

In special cases there have/can be two or three Lord Guardians (ex. Siwon and Kris both serve as Lord Guardians).

Male Kumihos are capable of getting pregnant and as such a majority of the royal family is male.

Male Kumihos are able to knot like other canines.

As such they definitely aren’t against gay relationships.

Also can control nature with their powers (ex. some are born with ability to control wind, etc).

They are immortal.

Typically appears as humans with fox tails.

In their divine fox form, they appear as large foxes with mutiple tails.

Known for being pranksters and mischievous.

Most kumihos are considered mature around 180 years and get mated around 260 years.

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