From Beginning to End
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From Beginning to End

The War in Vietnam was unlike any war the United States was involved in. It was not fought the ways traditional wars were fought.

Children had bombs strapped to them, both sides were dressed the same, and there was a long history of fighting that spanned generations.

In some ways it resembled the Civil War only taken to a much larger degree.

Stringfellow and Saint John Hawke enlisted months apart.

The elder of the two, Saint John, managed to enlist because he could not stand the idea of waiting for his number to come up in the draft. Stringfellow followed on his brother's coat tails.

He forged a birth certificate to chase after his brother. He went against his guardian's wishes, in part because he was lost without his brother.

Dominic Santini had the hardest position of waiting for his 'sons' to come home.

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