From Archangel to Trickster to Daddy... Thanks Chuck
From Archangel to Trickster to Daddy... Thanks Chuck other additional tags to be added stories

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From Archangel to Trickster to Daddy... Thanks Chuck

Gabriel had spent millions of years hiding from his brothers only to be killed by Lucifer while he attempted to protect two of Daddy’s favorites.

He wasn’t sure why he like the Winchesters so much. Actually, it was Sam he liked. Gabriel was fine with killing Dean over and over and over again.

Not like he would ever do anything like that…again.

Anyways, dear old Dad resurrected him with the help of Auntie Amara. The fact that Amara was out of her box was enough to cause Gabriel to do a double take but Dad always knew what was best.

He found out in short order that this was Dean’s fault. It was beside the point that Sam, Castiel, Crowley, and Gabriel’s guilty pleasure of Rowena all helped.

It was Dean’s fault and that was that.

Dad had a reason for resurrecting him and it wasn’t to continue his reign has trickster. Nope, it was for his parenting skills.

Gabriel had raised three tykes as Loki and God thought he did a good job.

Some people might argue that one but they all seemed well adjusted considering and Hell even got its name from his daughter. Gabriel was something of a proud father.

Which brought him back to why he was alive again.

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