From Across the Way
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From Across the Way

From Across the Way

Chapter One: Coincidence

Jack had been living in his new apartment for about a week now since moving to America,

he had been given an opportunity to do a sound engineering course at one of the universities here and decided to take it up.

He knew no one here or where anything was but wanted to try his best to make the most of it.

Jack had already tried to talk to some of the people in his building to try and get to know the people he would be around for the next couple of years whilst he studied, but to no avail,

most of the people in his building were either elderly couples or young families.

Not to say they weren't kind just weren't very interested in some young kid coming to study.

Jack didn't let it get him down though he decided that he would roam the main shopping area later today to try and get an idea of what he was in for and maybe even meet some people whilst out.

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