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A written piece by kerithwyn adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fringe Wizardry

For the past three months, Fringe Division had been tracking down Agent Dunham’s fellow Cortexiphan subjects.

They’d already brought a few in safely, like Olivia’s childhood friends Nick Lane and Miranda Greene.

All evidenced some kind of emotional trauma, compounded by the destructive potential of their abilities.

Astrid was glad they were finally getting the help they needed, both psychological and practical.

But the search had become a race against time.

Some of the former subjects had been recruited by ZFT terrorist David Robert Jones as part of his insane plan to accelerate the destructive vortexes plaguing the planet.

Increasing entropy in its rawest form, Astrid knew. But Fringe Division was dedicated to stopping the spread of the disasters, or at least mitigating the effects.

And they had allies, unknown to them.

Today the team had tracked down one of Jones’ first and most dangerous disciples. Sally Clark was a full-bore pyrokinetic. And a full-bore fanatic.

She laughed as she threw firebombs toward them, not heedless of the damage she was causing but reveling in it. Her aim was haphazard, but sooner or later—

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