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Fringe & the Dead


Ruins and smoking hulks were all that remained of most of the city.

That was all Olivia Dunham could see for miles. In every direction it was the same, columns of thick black smoke, curling upward lazily and choking out the blue sky.

The columns coagulated overhead, taking the form of dark thunderclouds that twisted and roiled above the desolated landscape.

The smell of soot was strong in the air, its acrid odor burned at her nose as particles of ash drifted down around her,

coating everything in a thin layer of gray snowflakes that mocked her in their resemblance to the real thing.

Olivia brushed the ash off one arm of her jacket, and then brought the sleeve up to her mouth.

She wished she had thought to bring a bandanna, or something, anything, she could have used to filter the air.

Cambridge was an old town, full of old structures built before the advent of current building standards.

The thought of breathing in asbestos, or some other toxic material was not at all pleasant. Walter had warned her. She should have listened.

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