Friends in the Unlikeliest of Places
Friends in the Unlikeliest of Places fluff stories

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A story by nackles42 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Friends in the Unlikeliest of Places




"Augh, morning already?"

You look up and glance at the clock. It read 7:00. You had to almost literally drag yourself out of bed, but you did and got in the shower.

Now completely awake and alert, you went downstairs to make breakfast. You put bread in the toaster and got out the peanut butter and jam.

While you made yourself your toast, you thought in your head about how monotonous your life really was. Once you had your toast, you got dressed.

You put on your favorite blue T-shirt and black shorts with a black hoodie and black sneakers. Then you brushed your teeth, grabbed your backpack and phone, and ran to school.

You were in college and taking an animation class there.

Once you got there, you kind of glossed over the lecture and just kept working on the animation you had been doing. You took out your laptop and USB pen tablet and drew.

It wasn't much, but you liked it. It was a dorky anime-esque fight between two original characters.

The good guy did look quite a bit like you with your blue and black color scheme and long-ish cyan hair that went to their shoulders. Even your speech mannerisms were similar.

Anyone that knew you would instantly see you in the character, but those that don't wouldn't care. Oh well.

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