Friends I Left behind
Friends I Left behind alan shore stories

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Friends I Left behind

Alan stared out at the Boston skyline and sipped at the whiskey he had poured. He ignored the office door opening and shutting, ignored the woman who sat down in the other chair.

For a long moment they were both silent. Eventually the woman spoke.

"Is there something wrong Alan?" Alan sipped his drink again.

"Why would you think that Shirley?"

"Because you just had a visit from an Air Forced Major, your secretary tells me you want to take a sabbatical, you're raiding Denny's drinks cabinet and it's only eleven o'clock.

" She moved the bottle out of Alan's reach and waited for him to answer. Alan finished his drink before speaking.

"Did you know I was in the care of Social Services once? It was only for about six months. My parents were in a car crash. My father died and my mother was to hurt to take care of me. I was ten.

They put me in a house with two other boys." He held out the glass and Shirley relented, filling it halfway.

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