Friends Are Honest With Each Other
Friends Are Honest With Each Other fluff stories

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A work by anemic_cinema adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Friends Are Honest With Each Other

“Well you look like shit.”

Damien gave Leito a look that spoke volumes. Currently it was on the chapter called “Don’t fuck with me.”

“ I haven’t been sleeping well.”

Damien hoped that that would end the discussion then and there, because he sure as hell didn‘t want to tell him why he hadn‘t been sleeping well.

The cop wasn’t sure what he had been thinking when he agreed to spend his day off with Leito. It was bad enough that he was so attached to him, and this wasn’t helping.

But there he was, standing on Leito’s apartment doorstep, with a bag full of Vietnamese food. He figured they would have lunch, maybe watch some mindless entertainment, and it would be cool.

He hadn’t counted on the other man answering the door in a sweaty and shirtless state.

Did he ever stop doing pull ups? Damien was trying very hard not to stare at his chiseled physique, and he seriously hoped that Leito would not notice his flustered state.

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