Friday the Thirteenth
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Friday the Thirteenth

"Don't do that!" Napoleon said as his partner ducked beneath a ladder.

"Why it is just a ladder, there is nothing resting upon it; so no danger of anything falling on me?" Illya answered, a bit confused by his friends warning.

"You don't know what day it is?"

"Of course I do. I checked my calendar. It is Friday."

"Yeah, but the date Illya."

"It is the thirteenth...oh yes that is the date you Americans are so concerned with."

"Illya, it's only the most unlucky day of the year." Solo chided him.

"Napoleon how can a day be unlucky?"

"Bad things just tend to happen on Friday the thirtheen that's all"

There was a loud crash and the two looked back, seeing that the ladder that the Russian had just walked under had fallen.

"See what I mean?" Napoleon said.

"I would take it as being lucky, my friend as I was not under it when it fell." Illya smiled, "so what are the other things that one is supposed to avoid on this unfortunte date?"

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