Friday the 13th: Kidnapped
Friday the 13th: Kidnapped jason voorhees/oc stories

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Friday the 13th: Kidnapped

Night… A dark, silent night enveloped the dense forest, in the middle of which an abandoned summer camp by the lake lies in its dead silence.

This place has been deserted for years. Or has it? Is this camp really as abandoned as it seems?

Camp Crystal Lake. This name has instilled panic fear in peoples’ hearts. So much blood had been spilled there, so many lives had been claimed.

Large numbers of people have met their demise in this place. No one dares to come close to the camp, thinking that this place has a death curse.

And that’s where He lives.

An unfortunate soul of a boy, bullied by peers because of his appearance.

But is it really his fault he was born like that? Unfortunately most people just need a beautiful wrap, without caring what is hidden underneath. And that is about him.

The poor lad met his unfortunate end in the waters of Crystal Lake that accepted him in its arms, ending his life torture. Of course, the careless camp counselors were blamed for his death.

They were supposed to be watching him! But they gave into carnal lust instead, forgetting their duties. And the vengeful Mother did what she had to do – took revenge.

Revenge for her son’s death before being decapitated. And that was the beginning of His legend.

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