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friday, i'm in love

There are four class rules on Lizzie Bennet’s syllabus:

“What’s the difference between gossip and rumors?” Emma asks on the first day.

“Rumors are almost always false,” Lizzie explains. “Gossip almost always makes them true.”

William Darcy starts as a rumor.

The new hire was foretold in June, a passing topic of faculty lounge chatter when details of the parking lot repavement and various summer plans were exhausted.


to go to Reykjavik and stay in one of those ice hotels,” Charlotte had mused, blowing on her tea.

“In reality, I’ll be sitting on ice packs in my unairconditioned apartment while I revise my reading list.”

“Do it with a vodka tonic and you’re halfway there,” Lizzie said. “Speaking of budgets, was the math spot ever filled?”

“For now. Some new guy; Ivy League, apparently.”

“Taught there or went there?”


Lizzie’s first thought was that it must be someone very old, followed closely by


That’s as much mental energy as she gave him before finals gave way to summer. She goes to graduation and hugs every single one of her seniors, the best, most bittersweet part of her job.

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