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Fresh Hell

Chapter 1: Bad things coming

Steve Finn had just turned 46 when he finally had to give up the T-bird. It sat on blocks on his vast back yard for nearly ten years before he could bear to part with the great rotting beast.

The sentimental value he placed on it was immeasurable. He had driven that car all over the country with Ghost from the time he was 19 until she died when he was 37 and Ghost 36.

Steve had been frantically trying to resuscitate her when Ghost suggested that he just get a new car.

Somewhere between frustrated screams of "fuck" and "shit" uttered under her hood and Ghost's arms around him as he slumped onto the ground next to her corpse, he agreed.

He bought a black Ford Mustang a week later from the dealership in Raleigh.

Steve had some of the best times of this life in that car, the best having been taking Ghost's virginity in the back seat.

He had not planned it that way, but their love was new then, intense and burning them both into writhing embers. They had been pleasantly high that night, and ended up parked near the cemetery.

Ghost knew that it would happen and was ready, Steve was still nervous about hurting Ghost and finally admitting his full gayness.

When it became clear that more than their usual make-out/hand job session was going on, Ghost told told Steve that he was ready, and so Steve took him carefully,

Ghost on top impaling himself slowly. Steve had never seen anything as beautiful as Ghost's face as he orgasmed, which sent Steve over the edge immediately, tears running down his cheeks.

After, Ghost lay against him panting and murmuring, "I love you", both of them curled on the bench seat weeping tears of joy. They never fell asleep alone again.

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