Freeing the Prisoner
Freeing the Prisoner kai (arthur of the britons) stories

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Freeing the Prisoner

“I found her tending his wound!” Pethik throws Lenni to the ground at Arthur’s feet.

Sometimes one’s allies seem almost as troublesome as one’s enemies.

“So you decided to manhandle one of my people –” Arthur raises the trembling Lenni to her feet: “my Healer, no less! A woman who cannot speak for herself. And in my own village?”

“That’s beside the point!” Mark blusters. “She was tending –”

“To the sick, as is her duty,” Arthur cuts in. “Go on, Lenni.”

She slips away, around the back of her hut.

“I remind you that you’re my guests here, and as such, you will treat all this village’s inhabitants with respect.”

To be sure they all understand him, he glares at Mark, and each of Mark’s men, in turn.

Mark pounds his fist into the palm of his hand. “What about the Saxon? Is he under your protection too?”

Arthur turns towards Lenni’s hut, where Kai stands in the doorway, axe at the ready.

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