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Free Expression

The first thing Dan did when he got inside was stare.

Then his eyes narrowed, his eyebrows climbed up, his forehead furrowed, and his mouth took on that twitchy look that suggested something very sarky was to come.

“Alright, Dan!” Jones called out from behind his mix table, waving Dan to come closer.

Dan shut the door behind him and crossed his arms. One eyebrow had broken ranks and climbed up higher than the other. And now his lips were twitching like he was fighting off a smile.

The smile ended up taking residence in his eyes which, narrowed though they were, still were fixed on Jones, raking up and down from the tip of his headphones to the hair, low on his belly.

“Like it? It’s well sexy, yeah?”

Dan nodded his head, and Jones grinned, seeing Dan’s foot was tapping–not in time to the beat, but that was alright.

“Bed?” Jones called out into the microphone, putting a nice echo on the word and a fade out.

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