Freaking Witches
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Freaking Witches

Dean snuck up to the abandoned lot, gun held at the ready. Inside he could hear loud, chanting voices. It sounded like they old Latin spells.

Outside, thunder cracked and lit up his path. A nasty storm was rolling in but Dean couldn’t back out now. After all, he’d fought monsters in worse weather.

He had one shot at this so he couldn’t fuck it up now.

This was supposed to be an easy hunt, just a couple of back ally, lowlife witch bitches that thought they could become full-blooded witches.

Their magic was which was how he and Sam had found this case in the first place. The witches had been curing some of the local men around town for no apparent reason.

A few of the men had died suddenly in their homes while others just disappear without a trace.

Sam had been the one to find the case. They had taken a pit stop of the cost of California to wash up and refuel the Impala.

While he waited for Dean to finished, Sam had snagged a local paper to peruse. By the time Dean had returned and was ready to hit the road again, Sam had found the article about the missing men.

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