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Fractured Minds

It had been two weeks since the banished prince had left his wise tea loving uncle to his own devices. The morning had started off just as the previous one had: bland and dull.

After ensuring that the water for his tea was set by the fire to boil; if one wishes to make proper tea, one mustn't use his or her fire bending to heat the water.

He went off in search of breakfast. His findings were less than spectacular: a few mushrooms, nuts, and some rather suspicious black berries.

After slightly roasting the nuts and frying the mushrooms he removed the boiling water from the fire to add the tea leaves. Which he did slowly to ensure that it was the proper amount of leaves.

Letting them soak into the water he dug into his less than filling breakfast.

Having polished off the mushrooms and nuts, the old tea guru pored his perfectly brew tea into his one oddly shaped tea cup; the one he only used when his nephew didn't want any tea.

While allowing his Jasmine tea blend to cool he eyed the black berries with a slight weariness; he remembered the last time he sampled berries he found and he still has nightmares about

that incident.

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