Fractured Emeralds
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Fractured Emeralds

DG was surrounded by darkness. She couldn't even see her hand in front of her face and then a bright green light broke through the black and she could see her self standing on a battlefield.

An ancient battlefield where armored soldiers marched with sword in hand and arrows flew through the sky. Two ancient armies crashing together in a brutal and violent clashing of blades.

One deep emerald green and the other pitch black.

She looked closely at the dark army and saw the witch, young and not yet grotesque behind the black armored army. Her magic causing purple lightening to rip through the clouds.

DG looked across at the emerald army, and behind them she could see a dark haired queen holding a staff to the air.

She was flanked by a man in a dark blue suit and a woman wearing a beautiful pink dress.

She gasped. It was the Grey Gale herself.

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