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A fiction by andrealyn posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fountain of Youth

They’ve stolen an ancient artifact in order to make a con go right, needing it temporarily for its’ apparently mystical properties.

It’s not supposed to be anything more than a rumoured piece of magic, a little trick of the light and sound. No one actually expects it to be

. “I mean, just because it says fountain of youth on the package, doesn’t mean it really ought to be,” Sean is saying nervously while the others stare at Ash.

“Would you all stop gaping?” Ash demands. “You’re like a bunch of goldfish.”

“Yeah, well,” Emma notes lamely. “You’re like…twenty.”

“Twenty-five,” Mickey adds, eyeing Ash with a knowing eye.

“He touched the artifact and suddenly he’s all handsome. And young,” Sean belatedly adds, blinking rapidly.

The silence that overtakes everyone means that Sean ought to take a look-see as to what’s going on and that

is that they’re all staring at him, which helps him to realize the little thing he just said. “What! Tell me he’s not gorgeous.”

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