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Winter often brought little to a foreboding forest, yet, this winter had a gift. With wispy fur blowing in the cold winds, she padded towards a figure sitting amongst the snow in a red blanket.

A child, who padded towards her in turn, large almandine eyes full of curiosity and a small hand reaching out to touch her snout.

She was alone with little to her name, yet she didn't have one, and, while winter had begun, she was at its mercy and

. Typically, those of her nature would be quick to go after something this defenseless, especially due to the two opposite sorts fighting for ages in a seemingly never-ending feud.

She sat before her, wrapped in a blanket and without a name, at her mercy.

She could very well walk away and leave the child alone as she had been found, placing her at the mercy of the cold, yet, she chose to tolerate the child's presence for a bit longer.

The child's curiosity had mirrored in her. Time and time again, she has heard of a practice that she couldn't comprehend.

It was an age old practice and, no matter how hard she tried, she could never understand it, even if the explanation would be that it had to be done.

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