found a love to love like no other can
found a love to love like no other can light bondage stories

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A fan work by sternenrotz adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

found a love to love like no other can

“Can I take that off?”

“Yeah. Yeah, go ahead.”

Josh’s slow when she rucks Fari’s t-shirt up past their belly, has to be with the position they’re both in.

She strokes the in-out-in-out ridges of their ribcage before she pulls the soft fabric up further, then the lace at the bottom of the bralet they’re wearing.

“Arms over your head, Bird.”

Fari complies. Josh pushes the shirt all the way up, past their collarbones and then over their head.

The fabric bunches around their arms on the pillow, and Josh gives them a satisfied little smile.


Fari wiggles their arms inside the shirt, not so much as if they’re genuinely trying to get out but just to test it. They ask, “you gonna actually undress me?”

Josh licks her lips and quirks her brow in mock contemplation.

Finally, she says, “mm…

She leans down to kiss Fari before they can protest, although from how easily they meld into it, their mouth open and plushy-soft, Josh doubts they were even going to complain in the first place.

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