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Jack O’Neill looked out the window of Thor’s ship and sighed at the alien stars.

They’d long since left behind the starfield he was familiar with, and even the much wider-traveled Asgaard was running on instruments and instinct instead of maps.

They’d gotten a little bit of help from their passengers with regard to navigating the Pegasus galaxy, but not much.

The Atlantis mission had been completely dependent on the orbiting Stargates to get from planet to planet, so astronavigation just hadn’t been necessary for them.

Thor had analyzed one of the oddly-named Atlantean ‘puddle jumpers’ and had duplicated its Gate-dialing program for his own ship, but there were some Gates they couldn’t use,

and some they didn’t dare try to.

The one in orbit nearest Atlantis was one of the latter.

The Atlantis mission’s first tight-beam contact with Earth had gone off like dynamite when it hit Stargate Command.

Jack had seen to sending out the personal messages, the official condolences, and the somewhere-in-between lies that went both ways regarding wheres and whys and hows.

And then the second, much briefer communication had come through nearly a year later, letting them know where the survivors had ended up,

and he’d contacted Thor and called in all his favors at once – Jack figured the cloning incident alone had entitled him to the ride out.

Sweetening the pot for the Asgaard with the promise of all that lost knowledge of the Ancients had most likely earned him the ride back,

with the rescue thrown in as a freebie because Thor liked him.

It had taken a month and a half to get to Pegasus and scoop up what was left of the mission personnel on the pine-tree infested backwater planet they’d escaped to.

And then they’d set out for Atlantis.

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