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Fortune Teller

Going to the carnival was Finn’s idea.  He had never been to one, and neither had Rey, so Poe got outvoted when he wanted to go to the movies instead.

It was Finn’s idea, too, to visit the fortune teller, although Rey seemed ambivalent about that.  Poe protested openly.

“It’s just a scam, Finn!  No one can really see the future.”  Poe didn’t bring up how sketchy the place looked, even compared to the rest of the carnival.

The fortune teller was set up in a squalid little building on the edge of the fairgrounds.  The place didn’t even have a door, just some purple curtains hung up inside the entranceway.

Beside that hung a sign bearing the fortune teller’s name, Kylo Ren.

Poe thought.

“Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun,” Finn wheedled.  Poe looked to Rey for help, but she just shrugged.

“It can’t cost that much,” she pointed out, “and if we go into it

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