Forgotten Stories Left Untold
Forgotten Stories Left Untold anteaterina (princess tutu) stories

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Forgotten Stories Left Untold

The Raven days are over, but no matter how many years pass, Rue still can remember them clearly.

It makes no sense to dwell on painful memories, she has a new life now, one filled with happiness, love and more friends than she could ever imagine for a person like her.

Still in spite of that, or maybe for that entire reason, she can’t help but relive all the pain Kraehe caused.  She not only hurt Ahiru and Fakir, but Mytho of all people.

In this idyll dreamland it can be hard to remember, but she can still imagine the taste of lips and the feel of his heart-shard in her hands as she ripped it out.  That memory makes her sick.

She hurt him in the name of love, but she hurt him all the same.  How can she deserve forgiveness and a life like this?

Her first reaction was to keep the issue locked up inside her like she usually did.  Verbalizing problems like these wasn’t her strong suit, and it was her problem, it belonged to no one else.

However Ahiru’s words ring loud and clear in her mind, even though her friend hasn’t held her voice since those Raven days.  Talking this out might help.

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