Forging A King 2 Wielding The Crown
Forging A King 2 Wielding The Crown thorin oakenshield stories

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Forging A King 2 Wielding The Crown

Harry was quick to discover that being the King of the Magical world didn't just mean that he got to have everyone in the world (magical, anyways) listen to him and actually do what he said,

he said it. There was a mountain of paperwork that went with it that needed his attention when he returned and had settled into his new role.

Unfortunately, that mountain of parchment was just Great Britain's pile, take into consideration almost every other country and he was almost drowning in it all.

Sirius, being one of the brightest students of his year back in the day, was a great help for him, when it came to some of the paperwork,

but that still didn't lower the tower of parchment to a more manageable height. Harry had a horrible feeling that it was going to take him almost five years just to take care of

the pile.

“This is too much.” said Harry groaning and sitting back in his chair, tossing a quill down on the large cherry wood desk.

The desk was amazingly sturdy and smooth, and the chair that he sat in was comfortable and supportive,

but it didn't stop him from being almost completely drained after sitting for countless hours at a time. “I haven't even

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