Forget the past, we'll make this last.
Forget the past, we'll make this last. 5sos family stories

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fanfic by daydreamsandreveries adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Forget the past, we'll make this last.

You’d been living with the 5sos boys for months when it all started to go wrong. It wasn’t unusual for you and Luke to argue but that night had been different.

The juvenile manner of your argument had made it easy to forget the cause as you sniffled tears away.

Michael had offered you comfort away from the world and Luke, your boyfriend for nearly a year. You hadn’t expected Luke to walk in on you and Michael.

You’d only gotten into his bed for sympathy, collapsing in tears.

You’d also be lying if you said you were oblivious to Michael’s soft spot for you, you liked to press on it when Luke had upset you.

What you hadn’t planned was Luke bursting in the room unexpected, his own eyes red.

“Mike, where’s my...”

He cut his sentence short as he walked in on you in Michael’s room with Michael’s body wrapped behind you. It was purely platonic, but Luke’s squinted eyes said he thought otherwise.

Michael unattached himself, quickly standing up in a defensive manner to start explaining.

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