Forget Me Not
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fan work by artemisgrace adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Forget Me Not

He still sees it when he closes his eyes, as if it were branded to the insides of his eyelids, that tiny dark room.

He’d seen horrors before, lived his own terrors, a life of indescribable violence, and yet that that room lingers on his mind even now, such was the sight he’d witnessed.

Mink had achieved his goal of this lifetime, to kill the man who’d massacred his tribe, he had no other ambitions, nothing to fear at all.

He was in no rush as be began planting explosives in the Oval Tower. Having defeated his enemy, there was nothing left to do but destroy his enemy’s legacy, reduce it to rubble.

Nothing could be a more fitting end. And that was what it was to be: an end. And at last, peace. He’d return to his ancestors, this life over.

A calm had filled him as he walked those white, sterilized walls. His journey was almost at end, and he could finally see serenity as something real, almost tangible.

Serenity walking with him on his way out of this world.

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