Forget Me Not
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A fanfic by bynks posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Forget Me Not

He is the kind that cannot see a person suffer. He would take them away. He is the kind that would never worry anyone. He would just keep everything to himself. He is gentle. He is innocent.

He is just without a single bad bone in his body. All he could do now is to see him being carried lifelessly on the stretcher.

He hated himself for not seeing the signs. He hated himself for not listening. He hated himself for being too selfish. If only now he could tell him, how much he cares. How much he loves him.

It is all too late now.

If only he had went in to the bath together as they used to do. If only he had thank him earlier. If only had had sat down with him at the coffee shop that morning.

If only he had not been listening to the MP3 so much, he might have realized it.

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