Forevertale: a new beginning
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Forevertale: a new beginning

His feet left marks against the cold snow. The view was familiar; it was just like the outsides of Snowdin. He recognized this all too well.

To be back gave him mixed feelings, melancholy mixed with anger. He had lost his freedom so many times before he couldn’t afford to care anymore.

Time lines are so fragile, he thought, why bother with them anyways? He wondered why he couldn’t keep his fists from shaking, why he even kept walking.

A long time ago, he had hoped to see the outside world but then, when the time abnormalities spread, he realized monster’s fates couldn’t be changed.

He watched everyone’s dreams and couldn’t dare to tell them how useless they were.

His own brother confessed many times how eager he was to see the humans and their big cities, the actual sunrise,

the real stars that populated the skies… How could he erase the innocent smile on his little bony head? He didn’t dare… The wind grew stronger and his vision was compromised.

A storm was brewing. Unable to keep looking forward, he noticed red dots staining the ground. The color contrasted with the white snow. He kneeled down and touched it.

It was still warm… Without any warning, the storm subsided. He looked ahead of him and saw someone lying in the cold. Worried and intrigued, he approached the body carefully.

He couldn’t recognize its shape thus he didn’t worry about it being one of his friends. Why would it even matter? They were all dead anyways.

Absurdly, knowing it wasn’t someone he loved reassured him despite what he knew. The marks on the snow were getting bigger.

Blood… What was going on? His eye sockets went completely dark… that… that was…

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