Forever in my Dreams
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Forever in my Dreams

They had both still been younglings when they'd met. If circumstances had not been like they were at the time, neither would ever have laid eyes upon the other.

One was born noble of the Ironhills; the other, descended from the ancient kingdom of Khazad-dum, born in the Blue Mountains, his kin having long been run from their home an age prior.

Kahvi, daughter of Vaan and Kahri, had always known she'd never be like other women of her race.

It was her face, bare of any hair along her jaw with a nose smaller than common, that set her apart.

Kahri, cousin of Nain, still prayed to Aule to grant her daughter with a beard; Kahvi had long since stopped asking her silent god for such a thing she knew would never be granted.

She made peace with the fact that she would ever stand out amongst her kind.

They thought her to be some delicate creature, a true highborn female but her heart spoke differently.

As fiery and strong-willed as any; Kahvi's passion laid not in jewellery making as her mother's did but in the aiding of others; a passion that was frowned upon by even her own parents.

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