Forever Gone, Forever You.
Forever Gone, Forever You. original male character(s) stories

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A story by mirie adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Forever Gone, Forever You.

Your bare feet felt cold as you took your shoes off to feel the earth beneath you, you let out a content breath as you closed your eyes and smiled to yourself.

You looked around you as your smile grew, oh how you loved nature, everything about it just thrilled you.

The forest you walked in everyday without fail always welcomed you in a warm grace, rays of sunshine sneaked in between the trees and followed you as you walked deeper into the forest.

The wind blew ever so lightly, leaving a refreshing feeling on your body, the forest was big and left no paths so it was easy to become lost, but you knew this forest ever so well,

the village you lived in was just next to the forest.

A small village it was, not like the huge, grand kingdoms that literally lived next door to you, but you were a peaceful village, you didn't believe in such things as war, you had no riches,

no grand castles. All your village really had to offer was…well happiness, and let’s face it none of the bigger kingdoms cared for such silly things so they left you alone.

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