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Forever at Last

New York, 2020

"Want to get a drink or something?" Barney's question echoed in the empty nave of the chapel.

Robin's pulse skipped. "Don't you have to get back to your daughter?" There. He couldn't refute that.

Only a couple of seconds now, and she could be out the door, in a cab and off in whatever direction the traffic would allow.

"She's with James and Tom for the day. I'm not allowed back until I spend at least six hours in a row in the company of adults.

Back to MacLaren's?" He tilted his head in the direction of the exit, and Robin knew she couldn't refuse. The man still had it.

"Where else?" She answered with the gamest smile she could muster. "Cab or walk it?"

Barney shot a quick glance at Robin's feet. "Think you can handle it in those heels?"

Relief coursed through her. They had a history with cab rides, her and Barney. The only more dangerous location would be hospital rooms.

If she could avoid both, she had a chance of getting out of this with what was left of her heart intact. "Walking's good. Nice weather for it."

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