Forever and Ever!
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Forever and Ever!

Chapter 1- The beach

We were all at the beach, Phil and Lil DeVille with their parents Betty and Howard DeVille, Chuckie and Kimi Finster with their parents Chaz and Kira Finster,

Angelica Pickles with her parents Drew and Charlotte Pickles, Dil Pickles my brother with our parents Didi and Stu Pickles,

Susie Carmichael with her parents Lucy and Randy along with her siblings Edwin, Buster and Alisia.

Spike was here as well with my grandpa, Lou Pickles and his wife Lulu, and last of all there was me, Tommy Pickles.

My mother was the one who decided on a family outing and we had all known each other since birth so even if they weren't technically related we still counted everyone as family.

I was the one who had chosen the beach however so there we were, with the camera set up on its stand because mum had insisted that if there were a video then I had to be in it.

So I'd agreed because I wanted a video of this occasion.

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