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A short story by wherejijisalive posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Jason always found it hard to explain Evan when he was out with him. It was always "he's my nephew" answered by "sorry?".

It was just so difficult, not only to explain but for people to accept, for some reason. Evan was his adopted nephew, except Evan’s adopted father had died before he'd turned three.

He'd never remember Robert. What was the point of Jason or anyone in his family holding on to Evan?

But Jason knew. He knew that Robert would have wanted someone to keep an eye on Kitty and Evan, even if they didn't strictly need it.

He refused to stop seeing Evan or Kitty, because both of them were still family, and that would never change.

Not even at awkward moments like this, when he and Evan ran into Kevin, his husband and their children. Children. Plural.

The situation could be described as a lot of things, one of them definitely being surreal.

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