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Foreign Peace

(From Quenya, Et-tel-ee-ah)

Meaning ‘foreign’ or perhaps ‘stranger’. This is Glorfindel’s ‘pet name’ for the protagonist, and also her name which serves her as Elf-friend to the Eldar.

Tolkien specified in his introductory notes that the plural of ‘Dwarf’ was in fact ‘Dwarves’, though he also alluded to ‘Dwarves’ being “…a piece of private bad grammar”.

He instead, would have used ‘Dwarrow’ to refer to ‘Dwarf’ in a pluralistic manner,

but the only noted time of him doing thus in his writings is in allusion to the Ancestral Dwarven home of Moria, as he called it ‘Dwarrowdelf’.

Tolkien instead used ‘Dwarves’ to conform with the pluralisation of ‘Elf’ to ‘Elves’.

In this story, ‘Dwarf’ is the singular pronoun form, with ‘Dwarves’ referring to the race as a whole.

Smaller numbers, or referring to Dwarves in a more intimate and friendly manner, will be shown through the inclusive pronoun ‘Dwarrow’.

‘Dwarrow’ also provides some distinction between the gender of the Dwarves, with ‘Dwarrow’ being masculine,

and ‘Dwarrowdam’ as the female equivalent (the suffix ‘-dam’ the denotation of the female persuasion).

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