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Forces Prologue I

Suggested Theme:

Main Theme- Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones

“Chaotic Crisis” is what Kaz would later call his dream. Or is it a prophecy since he is damn certain that it will come true? Either way, it begins with Tom calling him from the PortCourt.

Kaz groggily wipes his eyes and sees Tom that is freaking out like he has to babysit his baby cousins again.

Yet, this time there is nothing but pure terror on Tom’s face and he rapidly tells Kaz that Chaotic is under attack. Then, Kughar attacks Tom and the transmission cuts out.

Kaz ports to Chaotic. Everything—the bots, the Dromes, the foliage—is razed by the invading Creatures. The smoke coming from the main Drome makes Kaz run inside to find Tom.

Instead, he finds Peyton, who sustained some sort of head trauma, under a table. Kaz flips over the table thanks to the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Peyton dazedly explains which Tribes decided to show up first, but Kaz only cares about if he has seen Tom. Peyton doesn’t remember Tom, so Kaz tells him to port him and he does.

Kaz is able to find Tom, but his best friend is charging with the OverWorlders. He calls for Tom, but Chaor and his UnderWorlders interrupt him.

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