Forbiden Lovers
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Forbiden Lovers

Forbidden Lovers.

*2005, Vancouver, September*

He'd never had this problem before, ever.

Since their baby had been conceived they just couldn't deny the strong feelings they had for each other anymore.

Ben stood next to her, in his hand was the scan photo of their baby, he looked at it with awe. Their son looked so perfect.

"Wow" He said almost a whisper.

"He’s got a good kick on him too" Claudia smiled at him.

"I bet he has, he's gonna be a football player"

"I bloody hope not" Claudia swore.

"It’s really a boy?" Ben asked.

"Yeah he's big like his daddy" Claudia winked at him, beaming.

Ben kissed her deeply his hand rested on her pregnancy bump.

*Sydney, 1998* The Audition:

"Hi" Ben Browder smiled as she walked over to him, wearing a tight white tank top, jeans her black hair was up in a loose pony tail.

"Hi" Claudia Black replied smiling.

'Wow that smile' Ben thought to himself, he could feel his heart beating quicker in his chest.

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