Forbidden Magic
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Forbidden Magic

The light from the sunset peaked through a small gap in Wanda’s blinds, blocking her view of the TV on the stand at the far side of her bedroom.

It had now been about a year after the accords were first introduced and the fighting and disagreement had almost calmed down now.

Tony still occasionally went on about how he was always right and that they all should have just signed the god-damn thing when they had the chance.

Nearly everyone had moved into a room in the compound; the only ones who hadn’t were T’Challa, Peter and Clint, who went back to living with his family.

Wanda’s room was next door to Scott’s, who always played music on high volume whilst jumping around and banging into the walls.

“Miss. Maximoff?” A women’s voice echoed through her small room.

“Yes?” Wanda shifted on her bed whilst reaching for the TV remote which had fallen onto the floor.

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