for the time of youth was fled
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for the time of youth was fled

"You remember the whole thing with Danny, Lisbon?"

"Sure. It was only two weeks ago, Jane."

Lisbon sighed.

Once again, she and Jane were mired in the consequences of his half-cocked, idiotic decisions, and this time, there wasn't even the assurance of catching the CBI flavour of the day,

violent-criminal-turned-local-musician-turned-extortionist Hansen Ashley.

So, he'd spun some bullshit about Ashley not being home, being headed to an old warehouse where there was already a team from the local PD waiting to grab the guy,

and he had assured her they could pick up some proof from his house before wrapping up, and so here they were.

They- or rather, he- hadn't counted on this guy's brother being in, trying to clean out Ashley's stolen money before making a break for Brazil, or who the hell knew.

Jane had sauntered into the basement, followed by a vaguely exasperated Lisbon.

She had started searching towards the far end- it was a weirdly big place- and then there's a warning shout from Jane, a pain in the back of her head,

she made a quick mental promise to shoot him if she lived, and everything went dark.

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