For King and Glory... Or the Sunnes of York
For King and Glory... Or the Sunnes of York edward plantagenet of warwick/kathryn plantagenet (daughter of richard iii) stories

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For King and Glory... Or the Sunnes of York

Chapter I. The Prisoner and the Pawn

"Anne, Anne, sweet Anne," her eyes were brimming with tears, only a brief moment before Isabel had burst into the presence chamber where her younger sister was a prisoner and a pawn,

held there by Marguerite of Anjou, her Mother-In-Law, and her spoiled new husband, Marguerite's son, Eduard, Eduard of Lancaster.

He stared at her now as if she was a piece of meat, or prisoner brought to the scaffold awaiting death.

Isabel had burst in, complexion whiter than a ghost Anne imagined and had burst out in tears, through sobs and choking gasps of air she had managed to relate her dreadful news,

their father was dead and their mother had fled.

And now as Anne sat there watching through the bars of the window she pictured a cage, she felt nothing but numb,

rubbing the bruises on her arm from where her husband had struck her she gazed out at the grey sky, at the moon and wondered if anyone else at this moment was staring at it as well, and he was.

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